Happy Tuesdays

The first Tuesday of each month will be set aside for matches whether it be against others or between ourselves.

First match 5th Feb against the student team

Coaching Sessions: -

Are at the Sugden Sports Centre - between 18:00 & 19:00

We train on the outdoor astroturf so please bring subtable footwear, shin pads, a drink (no fizzy ones or wine) and any gossip.

Friday, 30 November 2007

Do You Think....

Should the word be "Team" or something else?

Like "Crew", "Mob", etc - you choose

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Emma Flynn said...

Happy New Year everyone! At long last I've managed to sign in to this blogsite - it wouldn't let me before Christmas.
Anyway, in response to Danny's query: I think 'gang' would suit us best.
N.B. our match against the student team is scheduled for the 5th of Feb not the 15th of Jan!!! Don't know about everyone else but I certainly need a month to run off some Christmas blubber!
I like the idea of going to watch a match and analysing it to pick up some tips. If others are up for it then let's get it organised sometime soon. See you all next Tuesday.